Cruise Events

Cruises are a fun, cost-saving, and often overlooked destination option to host a corporate event. A cruise program can save organizations over 30% compared to a land-based destination*, and at Soley Meetings and Events we have partnered with the most popular cruise brands to help you take your event to the seas.


Theme Park Events

Imagine hosting your next corporate event at one of the most popular theme park locations in the United States. The possibilities for customization are endless! At Soley Meetings and Events we help you plan a theme park event that will guaranteed to be fun for you, your team, and guests.


International Destinations

Dreaming of taking your event to new horizons? At Soley Meetings and Events we can help you plan your next corporate event in your dream destination, whether that is the Caribbean, Latin America, or even Europe! Let our team of experts take care of the details while you focus on enjoying the sights.